Another question I was asked in my interview was, “What would you do if a parent of a 6th grader wouldn’t let go and insisted on dropping their child off at the door of the classroom day after day?”

My first reaction is to tell the parent that we want the best for their child. That means he or she needs to grow socially as well as academically. Therefore, they need to let go and drop their child off at the parking lot.

After a few seconds to think, I decided that there may be another answer.

There is probably an underlying reason that the parent feels that they need to walk their child to class still. Is there bullying going on? Did something happen to that child that would cause the parent to be a little more protective? Did something happen to the parent at that age that would cause him or her to be more protective? Is there someone in the family who has threatened or hurt others in the family?

So, my answer would be to sit down with that parent and listen.

In a sentence or two state that our goal is to grow the children into mature women and men and to do that, we need to let them explore that first bit of independance…walking to class by themselves. And then ask if there is anything that prevents them from allowing their child to walk from the parking lot to class by themselves.

If the parent opens up, we can decide what to do from there. I’m sure every case is a little different.

If the parent doesn’t open up, or they still insist on walking their child to the classroom, then I would have the office step in.


(I scored points for this answer! =) The principal never thought to ask about a possible underlying issue!)


*** Sorry, no Finger Painting Friday…my days are all mixed up!!! I better get them all straightened out quickly!!! =)