Yesterday, I did not know why God had me at the courthouse again…for the fifth day!

I now know.

How foolish am I to think that my plans were better than God’s plans!

God has a purpose for my life…just like He said in Psalm 138:8.

So, let me tell you what happened!

During this whole process, I’ve tried very hard not to complain, but rather, be positive and smile. There was enough complaining, negativity, and frowns going around. Not only that, I wanted others to see Jesus.

I was about 30 minutes early and another potential juror was early too. We got to talking and he asked me if I was a Christian. I said that I was and he was excited and said, “I knew it! You have just something about you.” He was a Christian too. We talked about church and what we were learning. A good talk.

It was finally time to line up to be counted. One potential juror was not there and we couldn’t go into the courtroom until she arrived. While we waited, we scattered in the hallway again.

Because of the shuffle, I ended up standing next to a woman who asked me if I was a Christian or something because there was something different about me. I said that I was a Christian and asked her if she was a Christian too. She wasn’t. She said she thought that there was something different about me. I asked her if she would like to know what it was that was different and I ended up explaining the Gospel to her.

So, God’s plan was for me to share what I was learning and for another to hear the Gospel!

Praise the Lord!!!

So now, let me tell you what happened in the courtroom.

The past two days I was approached by a handful of potential jurors saying that I “would probably be on the case as a juror,” I was the “perfect juror,” I “didn’t have any past with [the drug in question]” so I would “be a great juror,” etc..

I was pretty discouraged.

On Monday, the judge had asked me all the questions. There were the standard: city I live in, occupation, marital status, and how many times have I served on a case.

Then, there were 22 questions about drug and alcohol use, if anyone I or anyone close to me has suffered from drug or alcohol use (abuse, car accidents caused by them, car accidents caused by someone else under the influence, etc.), and questions regarding our knowledge of laws and the legal system, medical background, and law enforcement.

I think I’ve seen someone drunk and that’s the extent of my experience of drugs and alcohol. So, these questions were fairly quick for me.

However, there was a question that did stand out: What is your view of the police and law enforcement?

The 10 jurors before me either said that they didn’t have a view or had a negative view saying that police are biased.

I said that they were to be highly respected because they are trying to keep the peace. The easiest person to blame when you are caught doing something wrong is the person who caught you. The police have a difficult job to begin with and then have to battle that. This is not to say that some law enforcement does not abuse the power they have, but I have great respect for them.

I guess the defense did not like that answer and let me go today.

What I found interesting was as soon as my number was called by the lawyer saying I was excused, the whole courtroom gasped and everyone started whispering among themselves. They were in shock! Here they thought I was the “perfect juror” and I was being let go.

Again, our thoughts are not God’s thoughts! I needed to be in that jury selection pool for that long for His purposes, and come to camp for His purposes!

I serve an amazing God!!!