I was going to bring my camera along every tenth day of each month to capture 10 things that were interesting or a part of my day that particular day. Well…I did it once and have forgotten the past two months.

So, instead, I will share 10 pictures, but of just random things from my life.

Stitch…he would always sleep with his paws over his face. =) Too cute!


Snickers, the most snuggly chinchilla ever!




Making candles at school…thought this was a cool shot of them!

Vietnam Memorial…just stunning. Makes you sad, excited, proud, and amazed all at the same time!




The school in Katlehong, South Africa, a township near Johannesburg where there is overcrowding, shacks for homes, and a high rate of unemployment.


Lebo, my favorite little guy at the orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa.


The sun during the Southern California fires in August of 2007.

A funny sign I saw at a farmer’s market. =)

Look at that long tongue! Giraffes are funny!


A beautiful lily! Such a stunning contrast with the white flower and the dark leaves!

And hopefully on July 10th, I’ll remember to bring my camera along (my iPhone camera at least!) and take pictures. =)