Yesterday, I showed you a letter I would send before the school year started.

Today is another document that I created, but this is for the parents. We have a Back to School Night usually a week or two into school, to sit down with the parents as a group and let them know who I am, my goals, different things we are going to do this year, procedures, etc. If you don’t have that, you can give this to them sometime in that first week or two.

Here are a few things I kept in mind when I created this document:

1. Needs to be one page and one page only!

2. Needs to be organized and easy to read. I used a Newsletter template from Publisher, which was very helpful.

3. Content

  • Daily Schedule – broad template of what you would normally teach during those times
  • Specialty Classes – classes with other teachers
  • Contact Information – website, email, phone
  • Curriculum – broad overview of all subjects (names of the chapters to be learned)
  • Classroom Rules – 3 rules and Rewards/Consequences
  • How to Help at Home – ideas and ways to reinforce what we are doing in class
  • Book Reports – what is expected
  • Homework and Supplies – what is expected
  • Grading – basic grading scale and certain procedures that need further explanation
  • Important Dates – list them in order
  • Health Concerns – fever, medications, missing PE

I have it as a Publisher document…I’ll try to get it posted here if I can! =)