So what do you get when you’ve taught elementary for seven years?

The ability to write on the white board well.


Just ask my high schoolers.

They comment on my writing all the time.

I don’t get it.

Do you?

=) I love my high schoolers!!! They crack me up!!!

Oh…and this way of organizing my weeks has been a great classroom management tool! Helps me stay organized, helps the students stay organized, and helps those who were absent know what they missed/or going to miss. Yes, it’s color-coded too. Black is in-class work. Blue is homework. Green is projects due. Pink is tests/quizzes. The students know that it’s subject to change, but it usually changes in their favor…like pushing back a project due date! =)

Because I’m a long-term substitute teacher now, I did not use permanent marker on the board. If I was in my classroom, however, I would use permanent marker (Sharpie thick markers work best) to write everything. It comes off easily with white-board cleaner or a white-board marker. This helps with students not playing with the schedule when I’m not looking.