I’m going to camp this year as a counselor with the 4th – 6th graders with my church…I’m so excited! I’ve been the last few years and as a counselor. I need to bring things to decorate the cabin…we have a cabin decorating contest!

The theme is “Light of the World.” We are going to go through the gospel with the kids and then about how to be a light to the world as a Christian. I also need to incorporate our team color…which I don’t know right now.

I’m going to bring the small lights you would use to decorate a Christmas tree.

Maybe some maps of the world…don’t know where I would get some of those, but I can’t spend too much. Maybe the dollar store?

Map Of The World

Maybe some movie cut-outs of spotlights?

CARDBOARD SPOTLIGHT- 48 X 57CM - click to enlarge
Then, I can put some streamers with the coordinating color of our team.
Anybody have any other ideas?