The kids know it.

The teachers know it.

It’s the end of the school year.

The last few weeks of class.

Do we need another reminder?

Do we really have to have the “Last Day of School Count Down” up in our classrooms?

When we do this, without verbally telling the kids, we are saying to them that we are done learning.

We are done thinking.

I have nothing else to teach you.

We are done.

The only thing that is important is summer vacation.

I would disagree.

Teach them that extra chapter in math so they will be ‘smarter’ than the other students next year. Teach some math shortcuts. Have some fun estimating projects and activities. Create a project where they have to do hands-on math like build a bird house out of balsa wood, or a bridge out of tongue depressors.

Have a hands-on science experiments every-other-day. Show some great videos like putting mentos in coke. Allow the kids to choose a research topic that interests them and have them run with it.

Find fun art projects that teach them about color, line, shape, and art history.

Have them write a letter to themselves about what they learned this year. Or have them write a letter to the principal or a previous teacher that really meant a lot to them. Or have them even write a letter to the kids who will be coming into their classroom the following year and have them include tips to have a fun and exciting year!

Even though the last few weeks of school aren’t critical because testing has occurred, there is still so much that can be accomplished.

This is the time to enjoy the kids, have fun with them, and get them to love learning!

So, I say no to end of the year count-downs and yes to an opportunity for building the kids up to be life-long learners!

Oh…I forgot to mention that classroom management will be SO MUCH EASIER too when the kids are focused and engaged!!!