So…I’ve given myself a challenge: make a batch of cupcakes each week for three months.

I started this week: Sunshine Cake cupcakes.

It didn’t go over too well. The cake was great, however, I haven’t figured out the frosting. It’s runny to begin with and meant to be on top of a 13×9. Last week, I managed to make it a two layer round cake. It ran a little, but for the most part, it stayed. With cupcakes, it didn’t work. I tried putting extra powdered sugar, more pudding, more powdered sugar, even more powdered sugar, and lastly, more powdered sugar. =/ Yuck…way too much powdered sugar, you could barely taste the pineapple and yummy pudding.

Sunshine Cake is meant to be a 13×9 and possibly a two layer round cake. =)

However, I think I may try taking out the powdered sugar and making the frosting a filling. A whipped cream dollop might be a good topping!

We’ll see…

Until next time… =)