Wow…I’m working full-time and my blog goes by the wayside! Argh! Two days without a post! I’ll make up for it today! =)

My first three days have gone smoothly, except for one major bump.

I am trying to fill in some big shoes. The previous teacher (who went on maternity leave) was well-loved and every day, kids say that they miss her.

The kids are great! Couldn’t ask for a better group! One class even asked me if they were going to put my name on the door like all the other teachers. I said they wouldn’t do that for a long-term sub, so they created a paper sign to put on the door with flowers and everything! I felt very welcomed!

My big mistake? Well…I lost my keys. One of my classes that I’m just supervising is ASB, but I’m the only one with a key to their closet down the hall. The kids had the privilege of taking the keys from the previous teacher’s desk drawer and go to the closet if the ASB President (and teacher) let them. Yesterday, one of the kids took the keys to the closet and never brought them back to me. I’m sure the student happened to put the keys in their pocket while they got whatever they needed and forgot to give them back to me. Do I know who this student is? No. 😦

ARGH!!! Two days in and I’ve lost a set of keys?!?! I taught for seven years previously and never lost my keys. But do I have to do it now? If they aren’t returned tomorrow, they will be changing the locks.

I think I’m going to use a ball and chain for my keys! =)

Update: One of the girls did put it in her pocket and took them home. I didn’t get them back for two days because she was sick with the flu! But, now they are safe and sound in my possession! =)