I’ve subbed at this particular high school all this year and starting to get to know quite a few of the kids.

The other day, the kids were taking a quiz. The class clown made a big deal about making a big mistake on his quiz and he took out his 6 inch, huge eraser. Everyone laughed. As I was quieting the class down, someone asked to use the eraser. The class clown was going to throw it to the person who asked to use it…who was across the room, but at the last-minute, turned and looked at me.

He asked, “Am I going to get in trouble?”

I shrugged, “Try me.”

He laughed (a little nervously), immediately put it back in his backpack, and said, “Wow, that was scary. I’m not going to try.”

After the quiz, they had free-time, so we all just chatted about life and school. It was a good group of kids!

What was great about that experience was he thought about his decision. I didn’t make that choice for him by saying that he would or wouldn’t get in trouble. More importantly, I’m not the bad guy and can continue to have control over the classroom as well as continue to build relationships with the students while they make thoughtful choices.


For Big Mistakes
I wish this eraser would work on mistakes in life. 

I’m starting a long-term substitution position on Tuesday and I’m very excited! It’s 10th and 12th grade English. Yikes…but I’m ready! …I think! =)