My blinds didn’t work in my classroom and were an eyesore. And because of the school budget, I wasn’t going to get new ones till next year. So, I ended up taking them down and making café curtains (Okay…okay…fine…my mom made them. =) She’s the best!)

My first set of curtains were white and I stenciled black checkered squares and ladybugs on the bottom.

Well…turns out, I wasn’t going to get new blinds for several years. My white fabric was starting to yellow after four years, so I replaced my curtains. I bought white fabric again and sewed on a cute black ribbon with white polka dots that I liked.

White is a light, bright color. I feared that a dark color would close the classroom in. Sure enough, another teacher made curtains with a navy blue and her room felt like a cave. I feared that white would show the dirt, but surprisingly, it held up pretty well. The yellowing of the curtains was because of the fire-retardant chemicals* that were used. Beware of certain colors because they do tend to set the mood. Pastel green or blue would be calming, while red and bright yellow is exciting and lively. Help create the mood you want with your curtains. Also, a busy print would be just that…busy. Find a solid or an easy repeating pattern that would help create a welcoming atmosphere instead of something intrusive.

*Curtains in a classroom have to be fire-retardant. Just look on-line for a nearby place that would do it for you. It does cost a bit (I want to say it was $55-75), but I turned that receipt into the school because I didn’t have blinds and not having them was a safety hazard, especially if we had a lock-down drill.