Ten pictures from the tenth of the month. These were taken on my iPhone.

I coach a 14s club volleyball team and most of our games are on Saturdays. We had an unusual Sunday tournament and it was a long ways away! I know it’s blurry, but you can see that is almost 6 o’clock in the morning…I had already been on the road for 40 minutes.

Our court was green. =)

The bag of balls. Our team colors are black, yellow, and white.

I started my way back home at 2:35pm…I stopped for something to eat at this point.

And got gas…have you ever wondered why the gas station doesn’t allow more than a certain amount to be on your credit card? I was enlightened! =) Well, here’s why:

And I got I took this screen shot when I walked through the house door at 4:27pm. Home sweet home!

Pepper, my favorite was on my bed…argh, my unmade bed…waiting for me. Smile big!

Argh…smile big, not yawn!

Can you tell what this is?

It’s a close up of my jeans! Cool…huh? Oh…it isn’t? Uhhhh…

Well, there you go…10 pictures from the 10th of April! =)