I’m thinking about making a Busy Book for my nieces and nephews… Well, I guess to put away until I have nieces and nephews. 🙂 A Busy Book is a cloth book that has educational activities to help a child grow and develop.

Here are a few pages from a Busy Book from Family Safe Media:

212-Busy-Book-Buttons 213-Busy-Book-faces
214-Busy-book-tie-a-shoe 215-Quiet-Book-Build-a-House 


Here are my ideas for pages:
Letters – 2 pages
Zipper (tent, or big fish with Jonah, zipper to get him out)
Tie my shoe
Braid (yarn hair on girl)
Dress me (closet with clothes and dress boy/girl) – 2 pages?
Button (flowers, button is the center)
Set the table (buckle the lunch basket or make it a separate page?)
Snap (apples to a tree)
Noah’s Ark (memory card game with animals? in zipper pouch of ark)
Mail: 2 pages; 1. pockets for pen and paper 2. mail box
Money (coins in a piggy bank)
Coloring: crayons and coloring book
Pictures: Mom and Dad, grandmas and grandpas, uncles, aunts (favorite aunt 🙂 ) , and even themselves.
Anyway, it’s just an idea for now. Let’s see if it comes to be! 🙂 Do you have any other ideas for a Busy Book?